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We are not myths of the past, ruins in the jungle, or zoons. We are people and we want to be respected, not to be victims of the intolerance and racism

Rigoberta Menchu

It was never the people who complained of the universality of human rights, nor did the people consider human rights as a Western or Northern imposition. It was often their leaders who did so.

Kofi Annan

Basically we could not have peace, or an atmosphere in which peace could grow, unless we recognized the rights of individual human beings. their importance, their dignity. and agreed that was the basic thing that had to be accepted throughout the world.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Every thought, every word, and every action that adds to the positive and the wholesome is a contribution to peace. Each and every one of us is capable of making such a contribution. Let us join hands to try to create a peaceful world where we can sleep in security and wake in happiness.

Aung San Suu Kyi

Please use your liberty to promote ours.

Aung San Suu Kyi

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